Ecom offers rosemary based antioxidants suitable for slowing the oxidation of fats. Wherever fatty foods are used, Ecom's antioxidant extracts can preserve taste, improve appearance and extend shelf life.

How does antioxidant rosemary work?

Over time the fats in food are degraded by oxygen. Oleoresin rosemary contains a number of compounds that slows the oxidation of fats.

By inserting rosemary extract with these inhibitors into foods before fats start degrading, lipids maintain their integrity longer.

At Ecom we have considerable expertise in working with manufacturers to develop antioxidant products for specific manufacturing environments.

Standard Antioxidant Products

For seasoning blends, processed meats, dressings and sauces. Contains 1% carnosic acid NR3401
For blends, dressings and sauces with subtle flavors. Contains 5% carnosic acid NR3404
A highly concentrated liquid to be used in very small dosages in fats, oils, seafood or dairy products. Contains 7% carnosic acid plus added tocopherols NR3408
A spray dried powder suitable for premium dry mixes, baked goods and dry flavor blends. Contains 20% carnosic acid. NR3402

Other antioxidant products are available for specialized applications.

Applications for Antioxidants


Fitting in well with the other natural ingredients pictured above, Ecom's rosemary antioxidant NR3404 is able to extend shelf life for mayonnaise.

processed meats
Seasoning blends and processed meats

Ecom's rosemary NR3401 is often used in applications that are especially price sensitive, and allow a hint of rosemary flavor.

Skin creams

Ecom's rosemary antioxidant NR3408 is used to enhance shelf life for the oils in skin creams. Since the added tocopherols act synergistically, this product is an effective choice.

snack colors
Snack colors

Do your snacks need to keep their vibrant colors longer? Ecom can suggest a range of natural colors fortified with antioxidant rosemary with proven results.