Flavors For Applications

At Ecom, it's all about offering solutions to our clients' challenges. That's why we have created one of the broadest portfolios of extract based flavors and a development lab interested in working on your next project.

Bakery Applications

From artisan breads to high volume pastries, Ecom has developed a line of flavors and expertise for industrial bakers.

Barbeque Flavors

Starting with standard products, Ecom can help clients create barbeque flavors from popular favorites to those tailored for niche markets.

Processed Meats

Few areas in the food industry offer as many benefits as using extract based flavors in processed meats. Compared to raw ingredients our products not only provide savings, but they are also safer, longer lasting and easier to use.

Vegetarian Foods

Meatless does not mean flavorless. To assist clients in achieving market acceptance, Ecom has developed a range of flavor profiles based on well known national cuisines.