Capsicum Extracts

As a provider of one of the widest lines of capsicum extracts, Ecom offers standards for typical applications or custom formulations for specialized products.

Our most popular capsicum extracts are used in seasoning blends, snacks and processed meat applications:

Ingredient declaration Capsaicin Method UV Method HPLC
Standard 3.3% NR0408 NR0495
Standard 6.6% NR0404 NR0469
GMO-free 3.3% NR0439 NR0470
GMO-free 6.6% NR0425 NR0496

Achieving not only pungency but also a flavor profile with capsicum remains one of Ecom's busiest areas in development. Below is a list of just some of our capsicum based classic blends, plus recently developed products for specific niches.

Adobo (Latin American) spice blend NR4492
Cajun seasoning oleoresin NR0393
Jamaican style jerk seasoning blend NR4703
Szechuan type pepper oleoresin NR4434
Chilli Spice Blends
Classic medium chili with cumin NR4410
Hot chili with cumin, garlic and oregano ENR44630
Mild chili with cumin, garlic, oregano and nutmeg NR0394
Capsicum Based Flavors
Chipotle lime blend ENR45002
Green chili type flavor NR9002
Sweet chili lime blend NR4470
Specialty Capsicum Extracts
Chipotle Oleoresin NR4408
Habanero Extract NR4416
Jalapeno Oleoresin NR3902
Piri Piri Blend NR4428
Red savina type flavor ENR04210