Flavor Enhancers

After 15 years of experience in the industry, Ecom created its own line of natural flavor enhancers. These are yeast based products that can be used to replace monosodium glutamate (MSG), increase salt perception, enhance savory notes and create a creamy texture.

MSG Replacers
Standard MSG replacer NR6900
Mildly sweet MSG replacer NR6914
Salt Replacement
Enhances salt perception, MSG replacer NR6916
Potassium chloride salt replacer NR6932
High Nucleotide Flavor Enhancers
4% Nucleotide flavor enhancer NR6926
6% Nucleotide flavor enhancer NR6903
8% Nucleotide flavor enhancer NR6912
Savory Ingredients
Savory and meat flavor enhancer NR6901
Low sodium sweet spice flavor enhancer NR6902
Salt perception enhancer NR6904
Meat flavor enhancer NR6906
Meat flavor enhancer low sodium NR6907
Savory enhancer low sodium NR6908
Brothy character low sodium NR6909
Extra dark roast character enhancer NR6911
Savory flavor enhancer NR6921
Savory spice enhancer NR6925
Broth flavor enhancer low sodium NR6928
Meat Flavor Ingredients
Beef broth character NR6905
Balanced roasted beef flavor NR6910
Rich roast beef character NR6917
Roast beef character NR6924
Poultry Flavor Ingredients
Chicken broth character NR6919
Rich chicken character NR6930
Intense poultry character NR6934
Cheese Flavor Ingredients
Cheese flavor enhancer NR6915
Smoked Flavor Ingredients
Hickory smoke character NR6920
Char-grilled character NR6929