Fenugreek extracts

With a culinary history going back thousands of years, fenugreek (also written foenugreek) is commonly used in pickles, curries and other foods from the Indian subcontinent. For industry, fenugreek extract flavors maple-type table syrups. As well, its roasted, nutty and caramel notes enhance meats, poultry and marinated vegetables. So it is not surprising that fenugreek is one of Ecom's most popular extracts.

The most well known application for fenugreek extract is in maple type flavored syrups, which are bottled for retail sale.

When added to sweeteners and other natural flavors, fenugreek extract offers an economical maple type flavor for many applications. Examples include glazes for meats and flavors for baked goods.

Selected fenugreek extracts

Medium flavour intensity, deep color, GMO-free certified, minimum 75% solids. Our standard fenugreek extract NR1513
Similar to our NR1513, except without GMO-free certification NR1512
Half the solids of our standards, but very easy to pour. GMO-free NR1506
Medium flavor intensity, deep color NR1517
Medium flavor intensity, distinct molasses note. GMO-free NR1516

Other fenugreek extracts are available, suitable for specific applications.