Barbeque Flavors

For those who create barbeque flavors for processed meats and sauces, Ecom offers a wide range of options.

To begin, product developers can choose among Ecom's standard barbeque flavors. From that point, clients can add pungency, smoke or an additional profile.

For those who wish to add complexity, we have herb and spice extracts to help create a signature flavour. Whether it is in a brine, or as part of a topical seasoning, or in a sauce, we can help you achieve a great tasting and economical product.

Barbeque flavor options

American barbeque flavor with smoke
Extracts of black pepper, clove, nutmeg, ginger and smoke ENR44615
the above, with a hint of cinnamon NR4124
Smoke flavors
smoke flavor alone NR9005
mild smoke flavor with a fatty grilled note NR90444
smoke flavor with pungency, plus paprika extract for a dark red color NR9003
Chinese five spice oleoresin NR4123
Curry spice extract NR4490
Tandoori seasoning blend NR4482
Italian spice extract NR4129
Chorizo sausage blend NR4432
Thai curry blend - red profile NR4458