Garlic and Onion

To respond to the many ways in which garlic and onion products are used, Ecom has developed a very wide line of extracts, flavors and oleoresins. Our experience in adding garlic and onion flavors to food products covers the range from snacks to soups to breads. We can work with you to achieve unique flavor notes, or show your development team how to reduce costs by replacing dehydrated or fresh products.

For those who wish to add complexity, we have herb and spice extracts to help create a signature flavour. Whether it is in a brine, or as part of a topical seasoning, or in a sauce, we can help you achieve a great tasting and economical product.


At Ecom we can offer garlic extract with that unmistakable bite. As well our line includes roasted garlic with a deep roast character without the 'sulfury' profile of unprocessed bulbs, and sautéed garlic that offers the fried character of garlic. Out of Ecom's portfolio of hundreds of garlic formulations, nine are particularly popular:

Ingredient declaration Solubility Standard Sauteed Roasted
Standard Oil NR1701 NR1713 NR1715
Standard Water dispersible NR1704 NR1705 NR1737
GMO-free Oil NR1722 NR1718 NR1733


Onion extracts form the basis to so many different recipes. When it is not being used for its 'raw' flavor, it often is found sautéed or roasted. Sometimes it is subtly added for a rich flavor enhancement without showing any distinctive onion character. Among Ecom's onion flavors some of the most requested are…

Ingredient declaration Solubility Standard Sauteed Roasted Green
Standard Oil NR2601 NR2602 -- --
Standard Water dispersible NR2604 -- -- --
GMO-free Oil NR2622 ENR26030 NR2618 ENR26061
GMO-free Water dispersible NR2620 NR2610 NR2619 NR2623