Naturally brewed soy sauce

Soy sauce has come a long way from its traditional roots. Although still used in oriental dishes, applications now include use as a general condiment, flavor enhancer and coating with other seasonings.

Ecom offers naturally brewed soy sauce products from a a family owned company with a 350 year history. In recent times the product line has gradually increased in response to customer demand. Although always naturally brewed, we offer soy sauce products that are spray dried, preservative free and certified organic.

Standard soy sauce products

Soy sauce, with preservative T9054
Soy sauce, low salt T9032
Soy sauce powder T9023
Soy sauce powder, no salt added T9064
Soy sauce powder, organic T9058
Soy sauce, tamari, organic T9069
Teriyaki sauce T9XXX
Teriyaki powder X8000