Tomatoes: sun dried, dehydrated, spray dried and flavor

Whether your products require sun dried, dehydrated or spray dried tomatoes, let Ecom deliver the product for you.

Selected tomato ingredients from Ecom

Dehydrated, max 8% moisture
9mm x 9mm cut size T1006
-8 +40 granulation T1229
Sun dried, max 28% moisture, added sulfites for color retention
-6 +18 granulation, also called finely diced T1087
1/4" x 1/2" granulation, also called double julienne T1088
Dried and roasted, max 18% moisture
-12 +30 granulation T1287
Drum dried, max 8% moisture
-20 granulation, coarse powder appearance T1228
Spray dried, max 4% moisture
-60 granulation, fine powder appearance T1221
Flavor, artificial
Tomato flavor, artificial, for snacks and seasonings NR9411