Ecom was established in 1986. Over the years we expanded a number of times, until we presently operate on a 1 ha (2.5 acre) site just north of Toronto. Our current building covers about 3 700 sq metres (40 000 sq ft). On site we have two laboratories, our extraction facility, plus liquid blending and dry ingredients processing areas.

We began by offering traditional Canadian items. Our oldest files record exports of mustard seed from Canada's Prairie Provinces and fishmeal from the Maritimes. However we soon attracted a domestic clientele that required ingredients based on global sourcing.

In 1991 we accepted the challenge from a multinational flavor company to acquire its extraction facility.

Since then we have refocused to develop lines for which we have become known: antioxidants, a wide range of extracts, natural flavor enhancers, a competitive range of natural colors, and specialized flavors to support the applications of our clients.

Ecom defines itself as being in the service business - we provide our service by supplying ingredients.

Continuous investment in our current location means that Ecom meets or exceeds standards for food safety, sanitation, security and the environment.

Established in the 1940s near Ottawa, the original factory was located near cedar and balsam trees, from which the first extracts were made. The facility was demolished in 2009.

A view of the original extraction equipment, probably from the 1950s.