Ecom is one of the very few primary extractors from herbs, spices and other botanicals. The result is a product range limited only by technology and imagination.

Over the years we have found that our standard product list is a good place to begin conversations with clients on their requirements for natural extracts

Description Code Specification
Allspice NR0003 40% volatile oil (vo)
Allspice NR0006 20% vo
Anise NR0102 15% vo
Annatto NR4202 2% norbixin
Basil NR0219 20% vo
Bay / Laurel NR0303 30% vo
Capsicum NR0404 6.6% capsaicin, UV method
Capsicum NR0408 3.3% capsaicin, UV method
Caraway NR0502 30% vo
Cardamom NR0606 50% vo
Carrot NR0702 5 000 color units
Celery NR0901 9% vo
Cilantro NR3801 6% vo
Cinnamon NR0809 40% vo
Clove NR1012 70% vo
Coriander NR1102 30% vo
Cumin NR1205 25% vo
Dillseed NR1302 35% vo
Fennel NR1401
Fenugreek NR1513 water dispersible extract
Garlic NR1701 15%
Ginger NR1802 25% Cochin type
Ginger NR1818 25% West African type
Ginger NR1847 25%
Jalapeno NR3902 3.3% capsaicin, UV method
Juniper Berry NR1904 water dispersible extract
Lovage NR2003 water dispersible extract
Mace NR2102 50% vo
Marjoram NR2202 40% vo
Nutmeg NR2502 10% vo
Nutmeg NR2503 40% vo
Onion NR2601 1% vo
Oregano NR2701 5% vo
Paprika NR2802 40 000 color units
Parsley Seed NR3001 12% vo
Pepper, Black NR3101 18% vo, 37-40% piperine
Pepper, Black NR3104 18% vo, 32-35% piperine
Pepper, White NR3201 10% vo, 45% piperine
Rosemary NR3401 antioxidant type
Rosemary NR3403 10% vo, for flavor
Sage NR3312 30% vo
Tarragon NR3502 12% vo
Thyme NR3601 10% vo
Turmeric NR3459 8.0% curcumin
Turmeric NR3709 6.5% curcumin